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Accueil » Hiking in the Monges massif

Hiking in the Monges massif

Starting from Ainac, we gently climb on the right bank of the Galabre to the « Col Saint-Antoine » (1451 m). From there we go back down towards Feissal via the Moutette ravine (1375 m) and its green pastures to the D103 track leading to Authon. Lunch break next to an old beautiful castle farm in Feissal (1400 m), in the quiet grassland, near the fountain. After a little nap, we return to «the « col Saint-Antoine » along the small river « Vançon » and go down on the left bank of the Galabre towards Lambert, then Ainac.

It’s a beautiful walk at the foot of the peaks of the Monges peaking around 2000 m, without great difficulty which allows you to discover a variety of landscapes very marked by the rocks and the geological history of the massif: folds, faults… small watercourses , splendid panoramas crossed by mule trails which welcome thousands of sheep in summer.